How To Get A Learner’s Permit
To get a driver’s license in Connecticut, a person must first get a learner’s permit, then wait a certain amount of time before being eligible to take the driving test (click the “CLASS OPTIONS” icon above to read how long one has to wait). To get a learner’s permit a student must be at least 16 years old, have proper identification documents, and must pass a vision test and a 25-question knowledge test. The knowledge test is based on the Connecticut DMV manual, which is available by clicking on the “DMV Driving Manual” icon on this page. To study for the permit test, we have found that it is best for an applicant to have a pen and paper at hand as he/she reads through the manual. Any information that the student did not already know should be written down on this piece of paper. A student does not need to know the DMV’s office hours or how to renew a license, but should focus on information related to the driving task itself. This includes traffic signs, signals, road markings, as well as rules of the road, specific terms, etc. Students should pay particular attention to the driving laws that apply to their age group, such as teen driving laws and alcohol limits. After finishing the manual, students should spend some time studying their notes. To test your knowledge of the DMV manual, take our two practice permit tests under the “Fox Resources” header on this page.
The DMV will only schedule permit tests online. A link to the DMV’s signup page is on this page under “DMV Resources.” The permit test itself is administered at one of the DMV branch locations. Prior to going to the DMV for the permit test, it is a good idea to double check the DMV site to see what you are required to bring with you. One last thing to keep in mind: since the date an applicant is eligible to take their road test is partly based on the date they received their permit, it might be necessary to work backwards from the date of the anticipated road test to see when a permit must be obtained. Road tests at the DMV are currently booked three months or more in advance. If your student plans to go to college with a license, you need to start the process at least six months before he/she plans to leave.
If you have any questions after reviewing our site and the DMV site, please let us know with an email through our contact page. Thank you for considering Fox Driving School, LLC.